Are Kleivan is a graphic designer and illustrator. As he has done lots of festival, book jacket and album designs, words and lettering are a significant part of his work. Relating to the theme of this project (Elvis Presley) I find the designs for the Goo Men, Revolver and the Morgan Kane books most relevant.

I think this one (The Goo Men / Three Thumbs Up!) has a retro and rockabilly touch to it, which I would like my own work to have in the end. I think the pixelated image and the colours used leads my thoughts the rock’n’roll music genre. Personally I am interested to see if I can convey sort of the same rock’n’roll message but using a different, and less traditional colour scale.

He has used the same colour scale for the Revovler bookjacket. For me to give my final pieces a more 50s look, and using a pastel colour scale, I think and hope it will give associations to 50s diners as well as rock’n’roll.

I like how the text on the Morgan Kane bookjackets are dominating, and how the typeface tells us as much as the drawings what these books are about.

I find the variety of how he and the Metric System use text in their work interesting. From the more innovative ones at the top, and the more traditional ones at bottom left.


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