Guerilla Embroidering

March 25, 2010

Aggressive cross stitching!
Guerilla Embroidering are embroidering what seems to be cute and innocent pieces, but with a closer look the appear to convey quite rude and inappropriate messages. An amazing combination.



March 25, 2010

For our final piece, my group and I are making a fanzine.
A fanzine is an unofficial and nonprofessional publication. Fanzines are often made by people who have a certain interest in music; could be a genre or an artist, movies or another cultural aspect. So a fanzine should be the perfect medium for  an Elvis Presley – project.
Since zines are unofficial and nonprofessional, the quality is quite low-fi. The use of photocopier is also a significant part of the zine history.


March 25, 2010

Norwegian comic artist. He made awesome album art for the rock band: Jokke & Valentinerne, where his brother did the vocals.
I find his drawings a bit grotesque, messy and dirty, in a very positive way. I think his style has a fanzine/ low – fi touch, without losing any quality.


March 25, 2010

Tattoo images from

As the rock music from the 50s had an massive influence on the Rockabilly culture (who embraces old school sailor tattoos), I have been looking at old sailor tattoos to gain inspiration for my characters. They needed some nice tattoo pieces, and I found proper inspiration in Sailor Jerrys tattoos. I don’t think I have been creative enough when transferring the tattoos to my characters, as they basically just are like every other old school tattoo. But at the same time I didn’t feel that I could change the tattoos a lot since I think they are too significant to be messed up too much.
For the tattoo designs I have focused upon hearts, spiderwebs, lettering and stars.

Since Pin-up girls have decorated quite a few upper sleeves I found it natural to research Pin-ups as well. Both for the tattoos and the poses of the female characters. One of my main resources for this has been the Taschen Pin-up bok: 1000 Pin-Up Girls, as well as models such as Bettie Page, Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe.

1950s B-MOVIES

March 15, 2010

For inspiration I have been looking at 1950’s b – movie posters in the horror genre.
I find the typing in these posters worth a closer look. Both the typography itself and how it is placed and presented on the page. The size of the letters often vary and when I read it it’s almost as I can hear the dramatic voice and soundtrack of the movie trailer. It is interesting to see how different typefaces gives associations to i.e. voices and music.

I think I can relate these movie posters to my work for the fanzine. Both B – movies and fanzines are produced with low (or no) budgets and have a sense of low-fi to it.



March 4, 2010

Beautiful doodles by Lisa Evans


March 4, 2010


As a group we have selected a colour theme for this project so that all our final images will look nice together in the end. We all found Jasper Wongs colourful work inspiring, and have chosen a similar colour theme consisting of pastel colours.
Personally I find this challenging since the use of colours in my work always are very limited. However, I will try to change this in this unit and dare to use more colours.
As mentioned in the last post, I think the use of pastel colours will give the right associations to 50s diner, but then again shape and typeface will be important to convey this message.


March 4, 2010      

Are Kleivan is a graphic designer and illustrator. As he has done lots of festival, book jacket and album designs, words and lettering are a significant part of his work. Relating to the theme of this project (Elvis Presley) I find the designs for the Goo Men, Revolver and the Morgan Kane books most relevant.

I think this one (The Goo Men / Three Thumbs Up!) has a retro and rockabilly touch to it, which I would like my own work to have in the end. I think the pixelated image and the colours used leads my thoughts the rock’n’roll music genre. Personally I am interested to see if I can convey sort of the same rock’n’roll message but using a different, and less traditional colour scale.

He has used the same colour scale for the Revovler bookjacket. For me to give my final pieces a more 50s look, and using a pastel colour scale, I think and hope it will give associations to 50s diners as well as rock’n’roll.

I like how the text on the Morgan Kane bookjackets are dominating, and how the typeface tells us as much as the drawings what these books are about.

I find the variety of how he and the Metric System use text in their work interesting. From the more innovative ones at the top, and the more traditional ones at bottom left.


February 26, 2010

I’ve been taking a closer look on poster art lately to find some inspiration and good practice of words and image.
I found some nice posters on Okkervil Rivers webiste ( Making gig posters might be an idea for this project, as it is based upon music.

Here are some of my favourites:

Ron Liberti


John Hicks


February 25, 2010

I couldn’t have been luckier with the randomly picked theme for the next unit, Word and Image. Elvis Presley – Rock’n’Roll, which means that I have to focus upon his golden years in the 50’s, when he after my opinion was at his best! It was probably meant to be since I listened to his music that morning and wore my Jailhouse Rock sweater the same day.
At the same time I think it will be challenging working with an artist and music I personally like and manage to break free from all the typical visual expressions linked to him.